“I’ll never forget the day you stopped in and told us about Blastglass abrasives. As you may recall, we were trying to get paint off of a rubber bumper cover, and it was taking us hours. When you gave us Blastglass to try, we were able to accomplish the same job in about 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. Today we use Blastglass media to strip paint, rust, and corrosives. We just love it!”

- Alex, Precision Auto Body

“Blastglass does not clump up in high humidity or rainy weather conditions, which saves time and reduces my labor costs. The cutting power is excellent and clean-up is minimal. Knowing that there are no toxic hazards with Blastglass, compared to coal slag and other products, I’m glad we switched.”

- Al Stearns, Heavy Highway Division, Wanzek Construction

“As you know, I used to use silica sand and/or coal slag as my blasting media. Now I use 100% Blastglass media. I do sandblasting on a contract basis for a company that does laser cutting of parts. The edges were sharp and I was retained to clean the material. With Blastglass media, I used 50% less abrasive media on this contract than coal slag, and I got a better result. Thanks for telling me about this product. It works great.”

- Nick Speidel, Nick's Painting & Sandblasting

“Glass Advantage’s Blastglass is a fantastic product. I have used the coarse grit to prepare concrete bridge decks for overlays and deeply rusted steel. I was very satisfied with it; a little goes a long way. Its abrasive strength has shown to require less effort per unit area. Blastglass doesn’t have the health risks associated with silica dust and heavy metals that other brands do. Bag after bag, the quality is unwavering. Blastglass has saved me time and money.”

- Jason Albertson, Industrial Buildiers

“…Reason one why I started looking at other media was the cost and I also had to pass up any job that had any rust involved as soda will not touch rust. Since I started with Blastglass, I have almost doubled my workload. It works super on logs and I have a mining equipment re-builder here that uses me to blast their incoming work before they start the rebuild. Using glass cleans the metal very well and brings out any stress cracks they may have missed in the initial inspection. That is all work that I would have missed because the cost of soda would have put it out of their cost window and the rust would still be on the surface requiring another step in the cleaning process. The body shops that I had soda blasted for have changed to glass. I use the 60-100 and they really like the fine profile and not having to blow and wash and blow and wash and blow and wash then use a Scotch pad and then use a self-etching primer after all that to get the job done right….”

- Glenn Paulson, Paulson's Sodablasting