The process starts with post-consumer glass which is mainly jars, beer and wine bottles.

The glass is loaded into a pre-crusher which breaks it into pieces no bigger than two inches. It is then fed into a classifier which removes metal, plastic and paper.

From the classifier, the glass pieces are fed into a dryer which heats up the glass to 800 degrees. The dryer burns off any remaining paper while tumbling the glass to remove all sharp edges.

The product is then sent to the crusher system. It travels through a series of screens which separates the particles into different grit sizes. Whatever does not pass through the screens is returned to the pulverizer to be crushed over and over until the proper size is achieved.

A series of magnets are in place throughout the conveyor system to eliminate all unwanted metals from the glass.
At the end of the process, the glass is packaged in 3000 lb. totes* or 50 lb. bags; ready for shipment.

*Special tote sizes available - please contact us.