Bring your recycling efforts full circle with the beauty of Gardenglass!

Gardenglass is a beautiful alternative to rock and wood mulch in landscaping applications.  It is unique and durable and can be used in many other decorative applications such as dry river beds, firepits, aquariums, pools, fountains, water features, pathway accents, terrazzo tile & countertops, and filler for vases.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Made from 100% recycled glass.
  • No traceable heavy metals or contaminants
  • No crystalline silica, resulting in a healthier environment
  • Will not take water away from plants
  • Will help regulate the temperature of plants & soil to prevent scorching.

Safe & Clean

  • Safe for people and pets.  Glass pieces are small but not sharp
  • Bugs, slugs, ants and mosquitoes stay away due to the lack of bacteria and microorganisms to feed on
  • Very sanitary because glass is nonporous - Glass grains are amorphous; smooth particles that have higher attrition strength  and do not permanently trap bacteria and fungi
  • Natural rain keeps Gardenglass clean, and will always sparkle in the sun
  • No odor, unlike recycled rubber mulch, that has a strong odor

Low Maintenance

  • Will not break down and blow away like natural mulch does
  • Does not fade in the sunlight
  • Plant shedding and grass clippings can be blown out with a leaf blower without blowing the glass away

Draw attention to your home or business with Gardenglass.  It will sparkle like jewels in the sunlight. Be creative by adding path lights or illuminate under the glass with rope lighting.

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