“As you know, we have purchased quite a few tons of your crushed glass media (used in standard sand filters) for improving the filtrate water output quality. Most all of this media is replacing grade 20 silica in closed water recirculation systems being used by our customers who are growing marine fish and shrimp seed which is grown for eventual human consumption. We have over a hundred TR-140 filters in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Honduras.”

“The main advantage of the switch from silica to glass is that with silica, we filter nominally to about 40 micron particle size. With the glass, we get down to between 5-10 microns. While the cost of the glass is slightly higher, we load pea gravel in the filter vessels until it covers the internal lateral intakes, then top load the glass (approx. 625 Lbs.) or about 325 Lbs. less than is needed with grade 20 silica.”

- Leland Lai, Aquafauna Bio-Marine, Hawthorne, CA

“We are extremely pleased with Glass Advantage’s crushed glass filtration media. We use media filters as part of our proprietary process to extract iodine from oilfield produced water. Prior to using Glass Advantage’s product, we trialed both sand media and zeolites. Neither was as effective or economical as crushed glass. We love the finer filtration levels, the longer run life and the fact that it is compatible with our chemical pre-treatments.”

- Jamie Davis, Iofina, PLC, Greenwood Village, CO

“I initially decided to go with Glass Advantage Inc. because of the enormous difference in price between them and their competitors. Comparable products were up to eight times more expensive! Imagine my excitement when this products’ performance exceeded even the manufacturers’ claims! I installed the crushed filter glass in my hotels’ pool sand filter in June of 2011, and immediately noticed a vast improvement in water clarity and filter efficiency. When I used filter sand in previous seasons, the pool would only run about four to five days before I had to chemically shock it to bring the clarity levels back up. This was true even when the filter sand was new. After installing the glass filter media, the clarity in the pool never degraded, regardless of the time between chemical shocking. I also noticed a vast improvement in the efficiency of the chemicals used in the pool. After the installation of the glass filter media, my chemical usage dropped by at least 30%.”

“This is a great product and I was very impressed with Glass Advantages’ customer service. We will definitely use Glass Advantage for all our future filtration needs.”

- Justin Bleak, Director of Maintenance, Best Western Plaza Hotel, Themopolis, WY

“Just wanted to say thanks for the filterglass that we tried in our sand filter for our walleye spawn. This was my first year working the walleye spawn, but the guys that have been there the last couple of years say the filterglass seemed to clear up the water that we are using to process our walleye and northern pike eggs. They also commented on how much nicer the back flushing process was with the filterglass. Thanks again for the opportunity to use your product and look forward to ordering more filterglass in the near future.”

- Ryan Lott, Conservation Tech/Fish Culturist, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Fort Peck, MT